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About Us

A Word About Palazzio…

The Palazzio dining room staff works as a "TEAM" in order to better serve you.

What do we mean by "Team?" For additional service, you need not look for the person who originally took your order--just ask anyone.

We designed our system of "team" service to help you enjoy your time here by making everyone on our staff available to take care of your table. Therefore, you will often find more than one person serving you.

Our goal is to operate the kind of place in which we would enjoy being guests. Our staff is motivated to bring to you the wonderful foods of Italy, as well as excellent service.

We enjoy being in the restaurant business and have found that treating people well is the key to building a regular clientele. At Palazzio you will find no annoying or unnecessary rules to lessen the pleasure of your visit with us. Our chefs encourage you to order your meal exactly as you like it.

We believe in this community and are proud to be an addition to the intimate charm and quality of Santa Barbara.